Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What is C & I? 
A1: C & I stands for Electrical Construction and Industrial supplies as well as Pole Line Hardware.
Q2: What is LVO?
LVO stands for Low Voltage OEM insulators with <34.5kV applications.
Q3: Who is Tiffin Insulators?
Tiffin Insulators Company is rich with a long history in the Low Voltage Assembly and Construction and Industrial supplies, as well as Pole Line Hardware.  The Company has several owners throughout the 20th Century.  The most well known name was Porcelain Products Company.
Q4. Where can I find Tiffin Insulators Terms and Conditions?
A4. Terms and Conditions are located on the last page of the catalog and on the purchasing information tab on this website.
Q5. How can I check status on a Purchase Order?

You can check status by emailing Kim.Nye@tiffininsulators.com or Matt.Kerschner@tiffininsulators.com

What is your customer service phone # and fax #?
A6. Our phone # is 419-447-3460 and our fax # is 419-447-3481
Q7. How can I set up an account with Tiffin Insulators?
A7. A credit application is located on this website for your convenience.  Please fill out the information and sign the application and send to Tiffin Insulators via email or fax.
Q8. What are your payment terms?
A8. Our payment terms are Net 30 days from date of invoice.
Q9. Where do I send payments?
A9. Payments are to be sent to Tiffin Insulators, Attn: Accounts Payable, 981 Tyber Road, Tiffin OH  44883.
Q10. Do you accept credit cards?
A10. Tiffin Insulators now accepts credit card purchases.  All major cards accepted.
Q11.   What is minimum billing?
A11. Minimum billing is $150.
Q12. What is your broken carton policy?
A12. We typically only sell products in standard cartons.  However, there is a $35.00 for a broken carton charge if a carton must be broken.  Material sold in broken cartons cannot be returned.
Q13.   Do you waive minimum billing for expedited shipments?
A13. We do not waive minimum billing for any expedited shipments.